Taking An Entrepreneurship Minor

July 28, 2022

When people think of entrepreneurship, they tend to associate the word with terms such as startup, business, creativity, and innovation to name a few; but did you know you can get a minor in entrepreneurship? Minoring in entrepreneurship is just like getting a minor in business, finance, or advertising, but with an entrepreneurship minor students will learn to think outside the box and develop an entrepreneurial mindset that will help them create their own path in both their professional and personal lives.

The benefits of an entrepreneurship minor not only give students the skills to succeed in the classroom but also help set students up for success as they enter the workforce. Whether students already have a side hustle, want to learn how to think creatively, network with other like-minded individuals, or are looking for something that will elevate their college experience, an entrepreneurship minor is a great opportunity to develop skills to push students outside their comfort zone, and advance their learning.

At the Charles D. Close School of Entrepreneurship, there are minors for all types of entrepreneurs. Whether students want to start their own business, innovate from within an existing company, or be the next entrepreneurial leader to make a social impact, there’s a minor for everyone. Let’s explore the benefits of each type of entrepreneurship minor the Close School has to offer!


With a minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation, students can expect to learn the necessary skills to help start their own business. This is beneficial for students who might want to invent their own product or who are constantly creating new ideas but have little experience or direction. With an entrepreneurship minor focused on innovation, students will expand on important skills to help grow a venture, scale a small business, and strengthen their ability to ideate and develop an entrepreneurial mindset.


Not all entrepreneurs are founders, corporate entrepreneurs bring innovative ideas to already existing businesses and innovate from the inside. For business majors or engineering students, a minor in corporate entrepreneurship can help give them a competitive edge over their classmates. The minor helps students learn to become leaders who aren’t afraid to take risks, speak up and share their ideas, and develop new strategies to innovate within established corporations.


If making a change in your community, starting a movement, or volunteering for a good cause is something that excites you, a minor in social entrepreneurship could be a perfect fit. Learning how to build a community that shares a similar mindset is important for social entrepreneurs. With the minor, students can learn to make a positive social impact both through a new venture or an already established company regardless of whether it’s for-profit or non-profit.


Regardless of which entrepreneurship minor suits you, each will help students think like true entrepreneurs. With an entrepreneurial mindset, students will establish important skills to complement their majors such as:

  • Teamwork/Collaboration
  • Leadership skills
  • Problem-solving
  • Innovation
  • Risk assessment
  • Ability to identify problems

When talking about the importance of entrepreneurship education with Chuck Sacco, the Associate Dean of Strategic Initiatives, and Director of the Baiada Institute for Entrepreneurship, he said, “Entrepreneurs are everywhere. They are in every field and discipline. Not only that, every organization today needs to be entrepreneurial to survive and thrive. That means that at some point in your career, you’re likely to have a role in an entrepreneurially-minded company, work in a startup, or even start your own business. Adding an entrepreneurship minor while in college can add to your success as it will help give you the skills and perspectives needed to be successful.”

Today’s job market requires employees to have a unique set of skills and as more companies start to rely on innovative employees, students equipped with an entrepreneurial mindset will continue to be in high demand. A minor in entrepreneurship will help students learn important skills that will continue to benefit them long after graduation and help them succeed in starting their own ventures, innovating within a business, or creating a social movement. Learn more about each minor here.

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