Unveiling Funding For Impact: New Special Topics Course At Drexel

Drexel University’s Charles D. Close School of Entrepreneurship ups the ante this spring with “Funding for Impact: Bridging Investment and Philanthropy,” a new special topics course. Led by a powerhouse duo: Kate Williams, CEO of the renowned environmental organization 1% for the Planet, and Professor Robert Morier, a distinguished venture capital expert at Drexel – the course caters to both undergraduate and graduate students. It even offers an optional graduate-level certification program.

Demystifying Venture Philanthropy

The course delves into the world of venture philanthropy, a unique approach to giving that combines financial investment with social impact. 

Ms. Williams and Profesor Morier bring a wealth of experience to the table. Professor Morier, with his nearly 25 years in business development and investor relations, will leverage his expertise to guide students through the fascinating world of venture philanthropy. Ms. Williams will help guide students through her comprehensive background as a non-profit and community leader, with experience at local, state, regional, national, and international levels. 

Industry experts will guide students through the fascinating world of venture philanthropy. They’ll explore its history, compare it to traditional philanthropic models, and unveil how organizations like 1% for the Planet are driving innovation and positive change across various industries.

Engaging Learning and Real-World Applications

Through interactive assignments and discussions led by industry experts, students will gain a practical understanding of venture philanthropy. The course equips students to confidently approach this field, with the option to earn a graduate-level certification upon completion. This program empowers them to integrate core venture philanthropy principles into their future endeavors, shaping their careers and companies for positive social impact.

Join the Movement: A Unique Opportunity Awaits

The Close School is proud to welcome Ms. Williams and encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to seize this exceptional learning opportunity. 

Registration for the course ends on May 29th.

Ready to learn more? Click here for detailed course information and registration.

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