Giving Back To Entrepreneurs: The Drexel University Innovation Fund

It’s no secret that Drexel students are brimming with innovation, resourcefulness, and entrepreneurial spirit. Many startups experience that finding early-stage funding can stunt a great idea from developing into a successful venture. The Drexel University Innovation Fund is currently open for applications and provides a unique opportunity for young entrepreneurs to receive funding to support their ideas.

The Drexel University Innovation Fund plays the role of a “first investor” in an early-stage startup, committing up to $150,000 per startup for up to four startups a year. As an evergreen fund, it reinvests all returns into future startups, ensuring ongoing support for new ideas and innovations at Drexel. Along with funding, selected startups will gain access to Drexel and Close School resources and faculty to further help develop their endeavor.

Applications are open to students, both undergraduate and graduate, recent alumni, and current Drexel staff and faculty. To apply, startups must have at least one member of the founding team fully committed to the startup entity and the startup cannot have both raised and closed funding greater than $1 million at the time of application.

Applications for the Innovation Fund are open until Tuesday, August 6th at 5:00 P.M. 

To learn more about the program, click here
To see all application requirements, a tentative application timeline, and the link to submit your application today, visit this page.

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Through the Fund, the University aspires to play the role of a “friends and family” investor, by being one of the first investors to support these startups — offering an investment of $150,000 in up to four startups per year.
Throughout your college years, you’ll likely see a shift in your spending and may start thinking about the future of your finances.

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