Entrepreneurship Spotlight: Ryan Lange, Founder Of Genz

October 18, 2019

Among research groups, generations are characterized by qualities and values that differentiate each generation’s mainstream ideals from others. According to Entrepreneur Magazine, Generation Z, the latest generation to be officially named, is more entrepreneurial than its predecessors, with nearly half of the 61 million Americans born after 1996 planning to pursue entrepreneurship.

A prime example of this new mentality is someone whose business is named after this independently-thinking generation. Ryan Lange, founder of GenZ, is an avid runner, EDM festival attendee and entrepreneur who created the RaveRunner – an anti-theft, customizable and easily refillable hydration backpack.

Image of the holographic RaveRunner hydration pack from www.livegenz.com.
Lange pitched his idea for the RaveRunner during the Baiada Institute Incubator Competition at the 2018 Startup Fest at Drexel University and recently received nearly $15,000 in funding for its production on Kickstarter. But that’s not all. The young entrepreneur would like to expand into rave fashion, as well.
“We don’t want to just create one thing,” said Lange, “We want to continually push out products.”
We spoke to Lange to learn more about the unique backpack he created and why it’s different from any other hydration pack currently on the market.
Eager to avoid long lines at water refill stations at festivals and to ensure that he was hydrated during his runs, Lange placed priority on the hydration pack’s ability to be easily refilled. The RaveRunner holds up to two liters of water and features a nozzle on the outside of the backpack that allows for easy refills. The end result is continual hydration, no matter where you are!
Lange interviewed festivals goers, asking them what they wanted in a hydration pack. After a long spring of researching and surveying, he and his team found that their potential customers had a big concern about bringing bags to festivals: theft.
The RaveRunner has no zippers on the outside of the bag, so you must take the bag off of your shoulders to get items from inside the bag. The backpack also features chest pockets that allows you to put your phone and other valuables in eye-sight while still remaining accessible.
Buying a RaveRunner that matches your aesthetic is surprisingly easy! You can select from the holographic or black backpack, or even custom order a backpack skin that will appear on the outside of the bag.
Buyers also have the option to add EL Wire and a sound reactive UnderGlow Disco Ball. This allows the wearer to be seen clearly while night running or attending a music festival.
“The RaveRunner was designed, built and sold by people with passion,” says Lange. He notes that his customers love what they do and his innovative idea solves real problems. “We want people to have a good time and feel good that someone just like them to created and uses this product with them.”
What’s next for Lange and the RaveRunner? Lange plans to continue to sell his innovative hydration backpack, while coming up with fresh ideas for new products, such as apparel that allows for out-of-the-box self-expression, and building brand awareness. Support GenZ along its journey by following on InstagramYouTube and Facebook.

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