Seize Your Chance: Drexel Startups Fund Competition Calls For Visionary Entrepreneurs

Are you ready to transform your entrepreneurial dreams into reality? Look no further than the Drexel Startups Fund Competition, a biannual pitch event designed to fuel the ambitions of student innovators. Powered by the generosity of Drexel alums and supported by Yope, a nonprofit dedicated to nurturing student entrepreneurship nationwide, this competition offers a unique opportunity to turn ideas into impactful ventures.

Program Information

The Drexel Startups Fund Competition is a cornerstone event for aspiring entrepreneurs at Drexel University. Twice a year, students from all academic disciplines come together to pitch their startup ideas and vie for essential funding. Thanks to the generous contributions of Drexel alumni and the support of Yope, this competition provides a platform for innovation and growth.


Who can participate? The answer is simple: anyone with a bold vision and entrepreneurial spirit. Whether you’re an undergraduate student, a graduate student, or a recent graduate (graduated within one year of the application deadline), you’re encouraged to take part. At Drexel, diversity of thought and background fuels innovation, and this competition welcomes participants from all majors and walks of life.

Rules and Deadline

For detailed competition information, including the schedule and rules, visit the official competition website. Additionally, familiarize yourself with the general entrepreneurship competition rules to ensure compliance with all requirements. Remember, the April 30th deadline for submissions is fast approaching, so don’t delay in preparing your application.

How to Participate

Getting involved is simple, here’s how you can get started:

  1. Complete the Competition Entry Form: Click on the “Enter Now” link provided on the competition website to access the entry form. Fill in all required fields with your information.
  1. Prepare Your Pitch: Craft a compelling max five-minute pitch video that effectively communicates your startup concept. Imagine you’re pitching to potential investors, and let your passion shine through.
  1. Craft Your Executive Summary: Condense your startup idea into a maximum two-page executive summary. Clearly outline your business concept, target market, unique selling proposition, and potential for growth.
  1. Review and Edit: Before submitting your application, review the required questions and prepare your answers in a separate document. This not only ensures accuracy but also allows you to retain a backup copy of your responses.
  1. Submit Your Application: Once you’re satisfied with your pitch video and executive summary, submit your application before the deadline. Remember to print to PDF and save a copy of your submitted information for your records.

Application Notes

To streamline the application process, we recommend reviewing the required questions and preparing your answers in a separate document. This not only serves as a backup but also allows for easy copy-and-paste into the online form. Remember, you can edit your application at any time before the deadline, so take the time to perfect your submission.

For any questions, comments, or assistance, reach out to Melissa Tevere at Your journey to entrepreneurial success starts here. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to bring your ideas to life and make a lasting impact. 

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