The Importance Of Entrepreneurship Education

May 11, 2022

While there are many types of entrepreneurs in the world, Social Entrepreneurs are constantly seeking to make the world a better place, but where do these entrepreneurs gain the skills and knowledge to start turning their ideas into a reality?

Programs like the Charles D. Close School of Entrepreneurship’s Rising Starter Summer Camp, helps instill entrepreneurial values into young students that will not only benefit them in the classroom, but in life as they head off to college and enter the workforce. With constant advances in technology, new jobs being created, and the need to continually innovate to stand out, there are plenty of opportunities for students to take advantage of their entrepreneurial skill set in and out of the classroom. Encouraging students to pursue entrepreneurship is one thing, but teaching them how to put their entrepreneurial mindset to work is the first step in helping to create a better tomorrow. Below are some of the many skills students can attain when they are taught to think like an entrepreneur.


In many ways creativity can be seen as the starting point for an entrepreneur. It allows them to think differently, come up with new ideas and continue to build, innovate, and pivot. Companies around the world often say creativity is their most sought after skill when hiring new individuals, but oftentimes it’s one of the hardest traits to come by. When learning to think like an entrepreneur, students will start to develop creative solutions to complex problems. People who are creative often approach work differently, which gives them an opportunity to reach different solutions than their peers. Encouraging creative thinking spurs the need to collaborate and innovate which are important traits for young entrepreneurs.


Whether problems arise in the classroom, in students’ personal lives, or in their current and future business endeavors, learning to effectively identify problems and their solutions is a key entrepreneurial skill every student should possess. To be a good problem solver, students must be able to identify problems before they learn to solve them. Learning to think like an entrepreneur helps students to develop new ideas and learn new skills; honing those abilities will ultimately help identify new problems and enhance solutions as well. Entrepreneurship education helps teach students to identify problems and solutions to new experiences and unforeseen outcomes, a skill that all businesses hold in high regard.


Entrepreneurs are often natural leaders as they tend to take an idea, build a team, and grow their business around them. Entrepreneurs usually don’t find success on their own – many times it comes as a result of teamwork; but putting together a great team requires a great leader. Entrepreneurs must be comfortable setting goals, and encouraging others on the path to success. Learning the entrepreneurial mindset at a young age can instill these leadership qualities into students before they jump into their own business ventures. While leadership is certainly a great skill for a founder to possess, it’s also just as important to future employers.


For young entrepreneurs looking to make a real difference in the world, taking a program like the Rising Starter Summer Camp at the Close School of Entrepreneurship will help them learn through hands-on experiences and hear from leaders in the field of social entrepreneurship. Students will come out of the camp with the confidence to present their ideas and the knowledge they need to succeed as future leaders and entrepreneurs! Click here to sign up for the Rising Starters Summer Camp this June.

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