Drexel’s Chuck Sacco Wins Ecosystem Innovators Award

In a resounding tribute to their unwavering commitment to nurturing entrepreneurship in the heart of Philadelphia, Chuck Sacco and Mel Baiada were recently honored with the prestigious Ecosystem Innovators award at the Philly Startup Leaders’ 15th Anniversary celebration. 

This noteworthy nomination stands as a testament to the impactful leadership exemplified by the Baiada Institute for Entrepreneurship at the Charles D. Close School of Entrepreneurship. Beyond shaping the entrepreneurial landscape at Drexel University, the Institute’s initiatives have played a pivotal role in elevating the tech ecosystem in Philadelphia. Guided by the visionary leadership of the Close School, the trajectory of entrepreneurship in Drexel and across the city will continue to flourish, fostering continued growth and innovation. 

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This year's event was a grand hub of entrepreneurial energy and demonstrated the entrepreneurial spirit at the heart of Drexel.
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