The Sunny Side Of Entrepreneurship

It can certainly seem like some business owners were born to be entrepreneurs, but are entrepreneurs really born, or are they made?

While innate qualities and characteristics play an undeniable role, being a successful entrepreneur also depends on actively committing to an entrepreneurial mindset. A valued Advisory Board Member at the Charles D. Close School and CEO of Xavier Creative House (XCH), a healthcare marketing agency, Sunny White echoes this sentiment.

“I believe entrepreneurial success is built on basic personality traits and the ability to incorporate the entrepreneurial spirit into company culture.”

Sunny White, CEO of Xavier Creative House (XCH)

She firmly advocates for the importance of an optimistic, entrepreneurial mindset—not just for a leader, but throughout the entire team. That’s why she’s implemented a set of philosophical pillars that feed optimism and help put this mindset into practice at her own company.

“At Xavier Creative House (XCH), five core values encompass our way of being that models how we treat each other, what differentiates our creative and strategic services from the competition, our focus on service, a commitment to continuous learning, and the use of positivity to propel us to big hairy audacious goals.”

Sunny White, CEO of Xavier Creative House (XCH)

Sunny emphasizes two of these core values that should be top priorities for any entrepreneur: “Empower your mindset” and “Harness the magic.” Positivity is at the heart of both.

The value of positive thinking and believing in yourself is excessively preached, but it’s authentically essential when it comes to starting a new business venture. Always seeing the bright side can help you navigate challenging situations and reach dynamic goals with confidence, grace and clarity.

If you approach each hurdle as an opportunity for growth, it becomes much easier to pivot and progress to the next stage of the entrepreneurial journey with a decisive vision, rather than retreating in defeat. 

“Entrepreneurs push through minor setbacks and use emotional intelligence to restore empowerment and move on.” 

Sunny White, CEO of Xavier Creative House (XCH)

This puts you in control, rather than allowing the circumstances to control you.

Stay Curious

While optimism is absolutely key for exponential growth, both professionally and personally, so is what Sunny describes as an “insatiable curiosity.” There’s no end point to the learning process, especially with this career path. According to Sunny, an open and curious mindset can help entrepreneurs recognize the infinite possibilities for learning that are already readily accessible to them.

“Opportunities to expand the knowledge base are all around us, from seeking and providing mentorship to formal degree or certificate programs to aligning with people with vast knowledge via industry associations or advisory boards. At XCH, we empower the mindset by fueling original thinking and personal growth through seeking new perspectives, embracing emerging technology, and promoting continuous skills-building.”

Sunny White, CEO of Xavier Creative House (XCH)

All of these principles contribute to what’s often referred to as a growth mindset. It involves staying highly focused on your goals ahead, while remaining open-minded, adaptable and prepared for possible pivots. A growth mindset can lead to not only increased success, but also increased creativity. 

This can be strengthened by the tactics Sunny suggests such as receiving feedback from mentors and continually seeking knowledge and new perspectives. Close School provides entrepreneurs with the space to learn these lessons and practice them in an experiential setting within the Baiada Institute, co-ops, and Incubator spaces won through competitions.

At the heart of it though, instilling the growth mindset in yourself of being a starter (and extending that to your team) begins with a kinder self-narrative and a willingness to accept whatever the future may hold—the good and the bad—with a strong tendency to see the good.

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This sentiment may sound a bit reckless at first, but in fact, not shying away from challenges is an essential part of the entrepreneur’s journey, and it can be deeply rewarding.
Sunny White provides entrepreneurs insights and recommendations when implementing AI or any new technology into their business.

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