Drexel Alumnus Lands $250,000 Investment Deal On ABC’s Shark Tank For Their Startup Company

Jake Deleon, Drexel alumnus and founder of Filipino food brand Fila Manila, made the case for his startup and secured an impressive deal of $250,000 on a recent episode of Shark Tank. Since the company’s launch in 2020, Deleon has been able to raise around $900,000 from a variety of investors. His products are found in around 2,000 locations across 25 different states. Jake is working towards growing his market with this newfound capital from the Shark Tank deal. Jake Deleon’s journey stands as another testament to the expanding community of thriving entrepreneurs who launched their careers from Drexel and the Charles D. Close School of Entrepreneurship, offering inspiration to any student aspiring to transform their startup aspirations into reality.
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