4 Tips To Be Productive At Home

March 16, 2020

Stuck working from home in the next few weeks? Are you worried about staying productive and on task with your studies or work? You may be feeling anxious about how to stay productive during everything that is currently unfolding. We’ve got you covered with four tips to keep you productive while taking online classes and working from home!

Make Space For Work 

One of the most helpful things to have when starting to work from home is a permanent workspace. This could be a spare room you convert to a home office or simply having a desk away from areas you usually use to relax. Regardless of where you set up your workspace, make sure it is a comfortable and quiet space to stay focused; committing to this space will help keep you in the right frame of mind.

Make A Note

Another way to stay on top of your work is to write tasks down, make lists, or even keep a planner. Transitioning from the traditional classroom or office space can be a challenge and may be a bit overwhelming. Keeping track of your assignments and staying on top of changing deadlines will help you focus on your priorities as you continue on with your new daily routine.

Stay In Touch

Communication is key. Staying in touch with classmates and coworkers is also very important when working from home. Humans are social creatures, so while we may be choosing to currently isolate ourselves, we aren’t working from Mars, therefore communicating with your peers is still very important for our productivity levels and sanity. It’s a good idea to see another face, even if it’s just a video call, when most of your day will be spent in solitude.

Put Your Phone Down

Limit your time online; sounds a bit counterintuitive, right? We all know social media can be a huge distraction, and your “small breaks” can easily turn into hours of mindless scrolling. With that being said, breaks are still important. As an alternative, take some time to read, get ahead on other tasks, or get some exercise in. If you do want to take a social media break, try setting a timer and sticking to it!

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