Introducing The New BS In Sustainability And INNO

November 15, 2022


Whether you’re looking to become an innovative thought leader, spark the next environmental movement, or shape the future of sustainability, you’ll first have to learn the skills to succeed. But, where can you find a program that will teach you to think outside the box, make the right decisions, persevere through challenges, and communicate your vision so you can turn your dream into a reality?

Look no further, the Charles D. Close School of Entrepreneurship is now offering a BS in Sustainability and Innovation. This program will give you all the tools you need in order to build the framework for success as an innovative entrepreneur.


Whether you’re a creator looking to solve some of the world’s biggest problems, a corporate entrepreneur innovating from the inside of an existing organization, or simply passionate about making a difference, getting a degree in sustainability and innovation is the right choice for you. Today’s employers are more conscious about the environment than ever before, and with an increased focus on sustainability, comes new jobs and opportunities. As stated in an article by the World Economic Forum “There’s no such thing as a single “green industry” anymore. We are seeing green jobs span a wide range of industries, from the obvious ones like renewable energy to more unexpected ones like finance, fashion technologies, and transportation industries.” Regardless of your interests, a degree in sustainability and innovation will be sought after by employers as the world continues to focus more on the environment and creating a better future for the next generation.


With a degree focusing on sustainability and innovation, you’ll learn four important aspects based around entrepreneurship and innovation that will give you a well rounded skill set to help you succeed no matter what path you take after graduation.

  1. You’ll learn to think critically by diving into the relationship between social, environmental, economic and natural environments.
  2. You’ll gain a deep understanding of decision making, learning to apply ethical frameworks to the ideation process, and the practice of entrepreneurship.
  3. You’ll build resilience, learn to grow your strengths, overcome your weaknesses, and master how to respond to failure through innovation.
  4. Lastly, you’ll gain effective communication skills to help you engage in a range of situations in an increasingly innovative environment.

As the world continues to change and new technologies begin to advance, there will only be more opportunities for the next generation of innovative entrepreneurs to work toward creating a more sustainable future. Learning the necessary skills to think like an entrepreneur, develop ideas, and implement them at new or existing companies can only be done through practice. At the Close School of Entrepreneurship, students will not only learn the skills they need to succeed through a degree in sustainability and innovation, but they’ll also gain the practical experience to put them to use. To learn more about the degree in sustainability and innovation, click here.

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