How Educators Can Recognize And Support Entrepreneurial Personas

This article was originally published on Entrepreneur & Innovation Exchange (EIX).

Chuck Sacco recently published an article titled “How Educators Can Recognize and Support Entrepreneurial Personas” on EIX Exchange. This article emphasizes the need for educators in entrepreneurship to recognize and support various entrepreneurial personas beyond the traditional focus on “unicorn entrepreneurship”, which revolves around scalable technology companies. The concept of “entrepreneurial personas” focuses on what an entrepreneur does rather than personality traits.

5 distinct personas are identified:

The Seeker: Curious individuals exploring diverse opportunities, industries, and ventures. They benefit from courses that teach entrepreneurial mindsets, workshops, and exposure to successful founders.

The Impacter: Driven by a desire to address social issues, these individuals pursue social entrepreneurship. Courses on social entrepreneurship models, creating viable business models, and measuring social impact are recommended.

The Creator: Passionate about the arts and creative fields, Creators aim to build their brand. Courses recommended include those identifying a creative niche, portfolio development, and legal aspects. Opportunities to display creative work and mentor support in personal brand building are crucial.

The Careerist: Individuals interested in organizational roles outside traditional business paths. Courses on corporate innovation, workplace culture, and communication skills are suggested. Mentorship helps them explore non-traditional roles within organizations.

The Builder: Tech-oriented individuals eager to create and innovate. Coursework that involves evaluating technical business ideas, prototyping, and understanding startup financing are advised. Activities should include coding boot camps, maker spaces, and student incubators.

The article underscores the non-mutually exclusive and evolving nature of these personas while also acknowledging other potential personas like “investor”, “hustler”, “visionary”, or “inventor”. Educators are encouraged to tailor coursework, co-curricular programs, and mentorship to accommodate the diverse needs of different entrepreneurial types.

For a comprehensive understanding and details on recognizing and supporting entrepreneurial personas, read Chuck’s full article on EIX Exchange.

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